Monday, December 8, 2008

Ohio Nortrh Stake Young Singel Adults Branch Missionary Plan

Missionary Plan - University Branch 2008-2009

  1. We will have 6 Convert Baptisms between Sept 2008 – June 2009
  2. Each member will invite 1 non-member to Church/Activity each month. These activities include, FHE, Institute, Dances, Munch & Mingle, Enrichment, Special Dinners, EQ Activities, Church, and others.
  3. We will find 5 new people for the Missionaries to teach each month.
  4. The missionaries will be HT’s to 5 less active members at all times.
  5. All members will be invited to attend a 3 week class on how to share the Gospel. They will be given their own copies of Preach My Gospel.
  6. The Ward Council Members will lead this work by example and will report their experiences to their organizations and the Branch Presidency.
  7. Branch Presidency will make sure each new member visits the Temple with in 3 months of Baptism and that they will be taught how to submit family names for Temple ordinances.
  8. EQ and RS will have HT’s and VT’s determine which members did not attend Church each Sunday and will contact them.
  9. We will welcome all who come to our meetings with warmth and love.
  10. We will focus on Missionary efforts in each Branch Presidency and PEC meeting, with action steps planned and followed up (return and report).
  11. We will fast and pray each month for the work to move forward. We will pray for guidance, with faith, knowing that the Lord is with us and that He will help us share the Gospel with love and with the spirit.

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